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Some Features above Par with NCR POS

· Technology
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When it comes to NCR Counterpoint Point of sale system, features imperative to effective business operations are present in abundance. NCR Counterpoint has made sure that its clients do not have to look anywhere else when it comes to handling customers or going through a sale/purchase process. For a business to function properly, a good team is needed to handle it. For a team to produce results, effective collaboration is needed. For effective collaboration, precise tools are needed. This tool in the case of Point of sale systems is manufactured by NCR Counterpoint. If you too are looking to buy a POS system, just get the one with NCR Counterpoint and you are good to go.

Work Center

With the Work Center you can view unposted inventory, A/R documents in a spreadsheet-style format and also the purchasing. The users also have the freedom to edit and view already present documents. New documents can also be created, open documents can be posted and all of this can be done through a work center window. Innovatively, this work center also provides a snapshot of open documents, helps you in managing the workload, and allows you to perform multiple tasks such as editing, entering, and posting from single interface.

Touchscreen Interface

NCR has taken special care of the touchscreen users – after all, the world today works on touchscreens. The introduction of larger buttons and text has led to a simplified interface. Lookup windows which are “touchscreen-friendly” are also present. In addition to all of this, inclusion of a pop-up keyboard/numeric keypad is a unique feature in itself. This features grants authorized users, the freedom to enter values without using a keyboard and that too with ease. What more can one expect from a Point of Sale system. Feasibility and accessibility have been focused in great strengths.

Time Cards

Keeping a check on the timings of your employees is imperative to ensure productivity within the system. Now, with NCR Counterpoint’s time cards feature that is built-in, you don’t have to worry about tracking the employees work hours. You can easily track them. For the employees there are various options. They can check in and check out from any workstation at any given time. This can be done through the main menu or by using the ticket entry interface. Whenever any employee checks in or out, the record is entered on his/her timecard. You have the option of asking particular users to complete their time cards while those, who haven’t checked in, can be asked to do so. You can also setup Counterpoint to automatically detect the users when they log in to use the software and then remind them later on to clock out.

With time card management features, one can easily and quickly modify, review, print or nullify timecards. Timecards can also be exported into a comma-separated value (.CSV). This allows files to be imported into Microsoft Excel for your convenience and further usage. With all of these features, much has been achieved and yet there is space for some more.