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10 Top Doctor Review Sites to List Your Healthcare Practice

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Online doctor review sites are a great way to improve your healthcare practice reputation. There are plenty of online sites available where you can list yourself or your healthcare practice to get recognition as these sites get millions of visitors every month.

If you think an online review gets lost in the noise created by the internet, then you better think again. According to research, 91% of people regularly read online reviews, whereas 86% trust online reviews as they quickly make their decision. If your healthcare practice has no reviews online, your potential patients will think twice before making an appointment.

Your online reviews and reputation matter and that is why you need to create and maintain your online reputation and encourage your patients to leave reviews, monitor the reviews, leave comments on your practice, and improve any negative review you might receive. Doing this will not only create a better reputation of yours and help you gain better reviews, but you will also be getting more patients and running your business smoothly.

How to use online rating for a doctor

Looking for a reliable doctor can be quite stressful as it comes with a lot of research and asking here and there. Like most people rely on the word of mouth by their friends, relatives, or their neighbors, you can go online and search on doctor review sites like Healthsoul to look up healthcare providers in your community and find out how they are rated by their own patients.

There are a few thing that you need to keep in mind when going for the online review, which are:

  • Online doctor review sites only use patients’ reviews to rank the doctor, which means that the ratings are more opinion based.
  • Some doctor also pay to get their reviews up on certain websites.
  • Your healthcare provider can also help you in understanding more about these websites and online rankings.
  • Use the data available on these websites to help you choose, but don't rely on it entirely.

Here is a list of 10 top doctor review sites for healthcare providers, in no particular order:

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1. Healthgrades

This website gets over 19 million visitors per month, you want definitely want your practice to be listed on Healthgrades. The directory has a searchable information of hospital, dentist and doctor profiles.

2. Vitals

Vitals gets over 3.4 million guests a month on their site and ranks 151 in the health category. At the directory, you can search for health care practices based on name, location, field, and insurance accepted.

3. RateMDs

RateMD allows you to search for general practitioner by name, location, specialty, and gender.

4. WebMD

WebMD is one of the best physician review sites with over 2.4 million visitors a month. Here patients can rate medics based on how well they explain conditions and treatments.

5. Yelp

Yelp allows patients to review local hospitals and clinics and provides the most helpful reviews.

6. Zocdoc

They provide an appointment service setting and charges a listing fee. Patients can search for doctors based on name, location, field, and insurance accepted.

7. Health Soul

Allows you to browse a complete list of verified doctors and specialists in that area. This website is especially one of the best as it provides you the doctors you’re looking for in your area.

8. Facebook

Having a profile on the social profile will let you to stay in touch with your patients.

9. U.S News Doctor Finder

Patients can look up for doctors by name, location, experience, specialty, and gender. Doctors can update their profiles too.

10. CareDash

The site has doctor and hospital ratings and aims to make hospital and doctor information more transparent.